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The Data Analyst course will provide you with the core skills required to transform unprocessed data into insights that can enable decision making. With the mantra ‘learn by doing’, this course teaches the fundamentals of data analysis from the foundations up through interactive and practical content. You will walk away from the course with the ability to apply statistical analysis to real-world problems using tools such as Excel, PowerQuery and PowerBI.

Introduction to data analysis – 1 week

Excel the basics – 1 Week

Road to analysis – 3 weeks
Module 2 Assignment – 1 week

The analyst – 3 weeks
Module 3 Assignment – 2 weeks

Course Instructor

The instructor for this course has a Bachelor of Science and over two years of experience as a Data Analyst. He has delivered large-scale data-related projects in Defence and has both completed, and acted as an assistant instructor on, the General Assembly Data Analytics Course. Ben has significant wider analytical and leadership experience as a result of a varied career and is an excellent bridge in communicating technical skills to non-skilled students.


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