Test your team for free, keep your staff and plan your future

No One left behind. We are offering free access to Potential to test and redeploy people inside your organization. Stand up to the elephant and face it head on, bringing our workers with us!

No One left behind.

WithYouWithMe is to help, both companies and individuals, we’ve got you covered in this time of economic need!

Discover & Redeploy

Leverage our testing tool to see how you can keep your staff and redeploy them into in-demand roles

Identify Hidden Talent

Uncover your staffs hidden talent and put it to good use.

Adapt & Thrive

Become agile and reduce costs all while tapping into your staffs hidden talent.

Launch your New Career

Worried about not being able to make ends meet? Launch your new career with the help of our experts.

The future of work - Addressing the elephant

The new economy is already upon us. Enough running, it’s time to stand up and face it head on.

  • What does this mean for companies
  • Adapt to the post-covid market
  • Pivot your people with your business.

Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this? Simply put it’s the right thing to do. We want people to thrive and we’re a big believer in companies hiring and re-deploying talent based on their aptitude and potential, not what they’ve done in the past, who they know or what school they went to. If we can give companies some data to help with these decisions in a tough time it makes sense.

Luke Rix

What our Community Says

We’ve used Potential to test the aptitude of 150 of our staff and were able to reskill them into one of our upcoming departments.

Paul Smith

Very polite and informative. Didn’t try to push anything on me and gave some sound advice on what to expect moving forward

Martha Youl

Get started for free

Download to hear our thoughts on finding potential in the future of work post-apocalypse. 

Keep your staff, test your team.

Book a call to get FREE  access to our testing tool valued at $30k for 6 months.  The call will include advice on how to digitize your services business and protect your revenue model. 

Launch your new career

Lost your job or worried about your future?
Secure your future by launching your new career in the tech space. Book a call with one of our expert pathfinders who will take your through a FREE career suitability assessment.


Your very own career coach

Kait Clisdell 🍀

As the partner to a currently serving military member and coming from a very strong military family, Kait understands the struggles of the military lifestyle and the toll it can take. She specialises in personal branding, testing & study advice, military partner support and tailored career progression coaching.

Rebekah Nugent 🌊

Rebekah served in the Australian Army as a Psychological Examiner JNCO and is here to help with military transition & retention, changing your mindset, and testing & study advice.

Adam Stretch 🔥

Adam served in the United States Army in the 75th Ranger regiment as an Infantry team leader. He is here to help with those transitioning recognize their potential and reduce stress during the transition process, as well as changing your mindset, testing & study advice.

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