Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Consultant Course 2020

Be at the forefront of the technological revolution by upskilling with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Tailored learning experience
  • Upskill your current position
  • Hands on training

Why RPA in Business?

Every company knows the effects of waste, especially in terms of money and time. Costly, right? RPA however gets rid of the need to do long winded repetitive tasks by making a virtual robot do it for you. 

RPA for business means automation repetitve tasks which then leads to better human capital resource management, better customer success, and an immediate ROI. It allows for employees to focus on what humans are good at, creativity and project management. 

Humans are good at many things, however when it comes to long repetitive mindless tasks robots are better. So take the stress off yourself and your workforce.

What's this course about?

The RPA course will take you through becoming a full fleged RPA consultant. This involves first the RPA analyst course, then the RPA developer course. Becoming an RPA consultant means you will have the ability to manage and deliver RPA projects to both large and small companies. By far automation is one of the most important roles to be in in 2020. Upskill today and commit to making your future brighter with our RPA course.

Course Mode Online
Level For beginners | Entry level

What's in this course?

Introduction to RPA – 1 week

RPA Business Analyst – 3 Weeks

Module 1 assessment – 1 week

RPA Developer – 10 weeks

Module 2 Assignment – 1 week


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Meet Our Instructor

Thomas Johnston

Thomas is completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics)
Thomas successfully completed the WYWM Robotics Process Automation
Developer Course and moved into RPA consulting in November 2018.
Thomas has experience in robotics process automation (Blue Prism and UiPath),
project management, risk management and change management – dealing with
complex and sensitive issues and projects. Thomas is a dedicated and vigilant IT
professional with experience consulting to large multinational corporations. His work
developing automation strategy across industry has given him valuable insight into
the deployment of these emerging technologies in large scale business. Thomas’
can bridge the gap between technical and soft skills and has excellent reporting
client services and communication skills.


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